Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful Post #30

I save the best for last!

I am SO thankful for God, my Lord and Savior.  

He is always there when I need to talk.

He is there to correct and discipline me when I get out of line and out of focus.

God never leaves me, never forgets me, never ignores me.

When I need to cry on a shoulder, He is there.

When I need to complain, He is there.

When I just need a hug and lap to curl up in, He is there.

The best part of God, is that he made the ultimate sacrifice and allowed his Son to be treated like a criminal which meant that Jesus had to die on a cross.  This sacrifice allows me to be forgiven for all my sins and have an eternal life in Heaven.

I love my God!


  1. I am thankful for God too! He is the reason we are alive and able to show His love to the world. <3 I am hopping over from Mosaic Reviews to say hi and to follow your blog. I look forward to becoming a new reader of yours. See you around! ~Elyse/Oiralinde

  2. Saying hey! Making the rounds from MR! :) Have a great weekend! :) That is a great thing to be thankful for!! :)