Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Post #17

I am so thankful for our church and our small group.  First Baptist Church of Owasso has been more than a blessing for our family.  It has been our lifeline.

When our family decided to move here over 10 years ago, Jimmy and I knew we wanted a church that had both an Awana and FAITH program.  I started the "search" online first and I thought it was an easy solution since FBCO was the only area church with both programs.  Jimmy instantly said, "No, that church is too big."  He was comparing the size of the church he grew up to FBCO.  I quickly retorted, "Well, then we have to find a church with Awana and you can start a FAITH program."

After we got moved, we started visiting local churches and FBCO was included in these visits to give it a chance.  They were currently meeting at the local high school auditorium for worship while all the small group classes and children were at the church location.  They were in the process of building a new, bigger building.  It didn't take us too many visits to figure out that this was THE church God wanted us to be a part of.  We joined in November 2002 on the first day FBCO worship in their new and current location.  

We quickly got involved over the next few months with Jimmy participating in FAITH and eventually becoming the Sunday School director while I helped in AWANA and VBS and eventually became the director of both.  All this while adding two more kiddos to the mix.

We still continue to serve as youth and preschool teachers while enjoying our time with our adult small group.  The adults in our class are from all different backgrounds but we can come together to worship the one and only.  We have stood by each other when times are tight, resources low and just when we need to share a good laugh.  It is nice to have a group that you can be comfortable enough with to share.

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