Friday, November 2, 2012

Missing in Action

I have been missing action for almost a year and it feels so good to be back.  Lots of things have been happening around here and I pray I will get caught up this week.  Be ready for lots and lots of pictures.

Anyways, the biggest thing for us is that I have taken the position of president of our homeschool group.  I started back in May with a meeting with our current board as we reviewed our last year and what we would like to see happen this year.  August brought a great statewide leadership training conference put on by our state homeschool leaders.

I have to admit beginning a new year in a new position was rather nerve racking and it brought on some major obstacles but looking back now, those were really just bumps in the road and we are smooth sailing now.

We have a monthly moms meeting we call Mom Time, co-op classes twice a month and a service project once a month.  We also throw in two field trips and a mom's night out event each month.  We have already had a family picnic to welcome in the new year and a couples event which included a bonfire.

The kids are all doing well with their school work.  Hallie Jo is doing preschool work but she thinks she should be doing lots more.  Harlee is in third grade and Jordan is in fourth grade.  Oh my, Hannah is in ninth grade which means more diligence on my part to make sure we are getting track of grades, transcripts, reading lists, etc.  I am also in the throngs of researching scholarships, grants and other possible ways to get college assistance without any loans.

Jimmy continues to stay busy with his business and has added website design/development to his list of services.  He has asked Hannah and I to come on board to help him design more.  I am hesitant but Hannah is great with photo editing so she will be a great addition.

Hannah has been wanting to try archery for awhile and a few weeks back she got her own bow.  She has been practicing almost every day and when she is practicing, there is a glow about her that I haven't seen in a long time.

Jordan just finished up his football season as well as golf for the fall.  He just started a new season of basketball.  I am sure he will pick golf back up in the spring because he made the official decision to not play baseball anymore.

Harlee has taken a year off of dance but decided to try out for her first ever play in our local community theater group.  She was selected to play The Chicken in Jack and the Magic Beans and did a great job.  She is ready to try out for another play.  She also is still working with her mentor, Brookelyn who won the crown at the Miss Moore-Norman pageant and will compete for Miss Oklahoma in June with Harlee at her side.

Hallie Jo got to start her first year of dance and is loving every minute of it.  She asks almost every day if it is dance day.  She will have her Christmas recital at a local church in December.  Otherwise, she stays busy hanging on her big sister and irritating Harlee and Jordan.

Keep an eye out!  This blog is about to get busy.

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