Friday, November 9, 2012

Thankful Post #8

Today I am thankful for my children.

Hannah who is such a joy to watch grow inwardly and outwardly into a young adult who loves her Lord, books, Dr Who, Harry Potter, texting and social media.  We have seen a missing joy in her lately after she aquired her own bow and arrows.  She continues to be a wonderful big sister to her siblings even though they can continually drive her nuts.

Jordan is our walking military history machine.  If he is talking, which is almost always, he is talking about a battle, ammo, guns, tanks, airplanes, Pearl Harbor, etc.  He is found frequently securing the perimeter around the house to keep us all safe.  He has also found a joy in shooting squirrels with his bb gun.

Harlee is our outgoing, social butterfly.  She always seems to a group of friends hanging out with her.  She is also our on-stage diva with her first appearance in a play.  She is looking forward to more plays and more time with her pageant mentor, Brookelyn.

Hallie Jo is the funniest little blonde I know.  She is wise beyond her years and she uses that to keep her siblings in line.  When she isn't busy being the "parent," she is hanging onto/laying on her big sister.

I pray that each of them continue to draw closer to God and strengthen their relationship with Him.

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