Thursday, February 28, 2013

{Review} The Flourishing Abode Blog Planner

I have the been selected to be a part of the Mosaic Reviews team and I am so excited about it.  We are starting off with blog planner reviews.  I was not really sure what exactly a blog planner was but I was willing to try because I love planners.  I have one in my purse for all of our family activities and one for our school plans so what is another one?

Our review team was given a list of ten blogs to choose from and I chose a one-page planner from The Flourshing Abode.  I did not want to overwhelm myself since I am not a regular blogger YET and the one-page was perfect!  I can slip it inside of either of my other planners if I want but I could make it a dry erase planner too.   I am looking forward to using the planner even more and making my blog a daily priority.

As you can see one page covers a full week for your blog.  I have been planning for weekly memes as well as weekly menu plans.  On other days I will be adding my own personal family activities and photos to have five posts a week on average.

I am using the Notes section to remind myself of anything special I do not want to forget to add to a specific post.

The Images to Make section is a little intimating to me since I have not taken the time to use a free editor  to make my own personalized photos but I can still list the photos I may want to use on the blog.

The next section is Future Post Ideas and just as it says I will be using this to plan my posts as they come to mind.

The To Do section will be my list of things I want to learn to make my blog better.  This could include learning how to edit pictures, adding a new tool to the sidebar, becoming an affiliate for some of my favorite companies, create a Facebook page for my blog, etc.

The last section is Where to Promote and this is being used to remind myself to make sure I promote on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+

Pros: This is a great and simple planner to use for a new blogger or someone that really likes a simple look.  Did I mention that is FREE to download?  Well, it is!

Cons:  It probably is not enough of a planner for a seasoned blogger who is a lot more involved with their blog and needs to have a much bigger picture of what they are planning.

If you want your own copy of this great planner, then go visit The Flourishing Abode and download your own copy for FREE. 

Would you like to see what others thought of this planner as well as the other nine we could choose from?  Do you need to find a blog planner for yourself and FREE is good?  Then visit the Mosaic Reviews post at

The next product review will be FamilyMint Money Management Certification Program.

Would you like to be a part of the Mosaic Reviews Team?  Leave me a comment and I can get you the information to join this wonderful group.

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