Friday, November 30, 2012

Thankful Post #28

I am thankful for a quiet, uneventful evening.

The kids and I went to church and while the girls were all in their respective classes, Jordan and I hung out in a room by ourselves.  His cough was still lingering and I didn't want to comprise his immune system or expose him to others.

While he hung out with me, he was a great at helping me get ready for my craft for preschool class on Sunday.  He cut out lots and lots of tissue paper squares so the boys and girls can make wreaths.

While we were working, we could hear Hallie Jo next door in her class.  She was getting frustrated with a classmate and we could hear her raising her voice.  Each time Hallie Jo hollered, I noticed Jordan would tense up.  He was ready to go next door and tear the other kid apart for upsetting his sister.  I thought I might have to hold him back.  I just love that "protect my sister" attitude.  He makes me proud!

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