Friday, November 2, 2012

Thankful Post #2

Today I am thankful for propane.  

That's odd, I know but we have had only had to use propane to use our stove.  Back in April or May, it started to smell odd when I would heat up the oven to bake.  The gauge on the tank outside was still at the same level at it was when we moved in August 2011.

Anyways, buying propane was not on the top of our list because of the cost and we just never had the extra money to pay for it. I was still able to use the burners for boiling water, skillet, etc. but no baking.  I really did not mind since baking heats up the kitchen and that is not good for the summer.

I adapted and used one of my crockpots 5-6 days a week and then either a salad or something like that on the other days.  Last week we found out we could have the propane delivered and then be billed next month.  

Woohoo!  I have been enjoying using the oven again.

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