Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Thankful Post #7

I am thankful for all the men and women who have or are currently serving in any branch of the military.  Without our military, we would not be able to live in a country that gives us so many free choices.  

The military is such a different way of life than most have have experienced. I was born in another country due to my dad being in the Air Force then we moved back to the states when I was a year old.  When I was three, my mom and I lived with her parents while my dad was in Alaska for a year.  

My earliest memory was living in an apartment in the same town that my parents still live in.  I can remember visiting the commissary and the PX to shop.  I can remember having to take home "special forms" from school that my parents had to fill out so the district could collect information and make reports.  I can remember dad's green uniforms and his dress blues.  

The biggest memory I have is my dad going on TDY.  I always hated when he was gone, especially at bedtime.  I would slip out of my bed after my mom tucked me in and watch her outside in the backyard making sure all was right and that the dogs were fed, watered and good for the night.  After all those years, only one TDY kept my dad away during my birthday.

Looking back at what I thought was a miserable part of growing up, I now understand the sacrifices my parents made to follow where they felt God wanted them to be.  I also have a lot of sympathy for those family members who are at home and in the "trenches" of everyday life while their love is away serving wherever they are told to go.

Thank you to past, current and future military personnel.

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