Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Post #15

I am thankful for Patty who I have now known for over 10 years.

Patty is my nail tech who I met a few months after moving here.  I used to be a nail tech myself before Hannah was born and I am very picky about how my nails are done.  Patty "passed" all of my requirements.  She has seen all of my kids grow up and is always excited to see them when I bring them to an appointment with me.

Patty has always understood when finances are tight and I need to not visit for awhile. She just keeps me on the books until the next time I can come.  She has always been a great sounding board when I need to vent or share a concern.  Patty is one of those few close to me that I never have to worry about what she thinks of me no matter what I have to say.

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