Friday, November 2, 2012

Family Challenge for November

I wanted to try an experiment this month with my family.  I proposed that we not eat out at all the entire month of November.  This brought some moans and groans and my first thought was, "Hey, wait a minute!  I am the one who plans, shops and cooks all of our meals so why the heck are you complaining?"

I will admit I like to eat out and being the one who is served more than I care to admit.  My weakness is usually lunch after church on Sunday and those days the kids and I get finished with a coop activity.  It is pretty easy to just stop somewhere before we come home.

Yesterday was pretty easy but today was much more difficult.  Jimmy took three of the kids with him to work out of town so they were excused from the experiment today.  I only had Hannah with me and it would have been the perfect situation to have a mom/daughter date for lunch.  Then after I dropped off Hannah at a church activity and was alone, I could have easily stopped somewhere on the way back home.

I am so glad that the day is almost over and I made it!   


  1. We are doing the same thing. The ONLY exception is at basketball..if the kids want to grab a hot dog they can. Of course I didn't tell mine because I would hear all kinds of groans. If we just dont go out they may not notice I had a plan from the

  2. Allison, that's great! What a good plan. My son has been the best at reminding the others that we are not eating out in November.