Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thankful Post #20

Earlier this month, Jimmy approached me and said that he felt God leading to expand his business.  He has been self-employed and working on his own since 2004.  Some months have been lean to say the least but we never have gone hungry or have we been homeless.

Before the election, he did some job searching and one opportunity which we all thought was going to pan out wasn't in God's plan for our family.  Jimmy tried a few other places and recruiters but God shut the door on each one of them.

Jimmy really feels God leading to move his business to a prominent location where it should bring in more business.  Of course this means a monthly rent.  I couldn't say no since Jimmy is the leader of our family but it sure added worry to my mind.

God has blessed us this month with extra business in which we could pay the deposit and first month's rent.  God also allowed us to have a great business landlord who is willing to take our rent on a month-to-month basis and his current location is still available if we need to move back.

I am thankful for a God-fearing husband that takes the time to pray and listen to God in how to lead and provide for his family.

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