Friday, December 9, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 9

We were jam packed full of fun today.  The older kids had their last day of co-op classes for the fall semester.  Harlee and Jordan were in choir and p.e. classes while Hannah was in a geography class.  Today they were studying Israel and Jerusalem.  Hallie Jo hung out with me away from the rest of the group so we wouldn't pass on any sick germs.  She was SO bummed she could not go to her classes too.

Hallie Jo's booty is worse and she started crying every time she needed to pee.  I made a doctor's appointment to rule out whether it is rash causing the pain or a bacterial infection.  We didn't have success obtaining a sample in the office so now we have to try to do that at home and deliver it to the lab ourselves.  Oh, the joys of parenthood.

After co-op, I took the kids to Shepherd's Cross to visit their live nativity, have a snack during a short film, make bird feeders and listen to a story from "Elizabeth".  We had a pretty good time but Jordan said he was disappointed that the nativity was silent, no talking at all.

We finished off our day at the local Christmas parade.  Jordan's scout pack walked in the parade.  He said, "That was totally wicked!"  He even did a great job of tossing candy and making sure he had enough for the end of the parade to share.  Jimmy got the great job of walking with the other leaders and boys while the girls and I enjoyed it from the sidewalk.

I must have worn out the kids because Jordan and Hallie Jo fell asleep before I could get dinner fixed after the parade.  In the meantime, Harlee and Hannah got to open and read our books and we talked about where we found Gundy earlier today.  He was playing Star Wars Trouble with Optimus Prime.

Join my friend ShaRhonda and her family's elf, Charlie over at The 4-Crow's.


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  1. Totally "wicked" pictures!! Those definitely catch the true meaning of Christmas! Thanks for sharing.