Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 7

I feel like we have been lacking on our productivity lately in regards to school.  We were supposed to go to a bell ringers concert today but at first I thought Hannah had a babysitting job.  Then when that was cancelled, I decided our day would be best spent at home.

We got a lot of school work done so it ended up being a great day.  But things took a turn for the worse because I think our family might have the stomach virus that a lot of our coop have had since Saturday.  Hallie Jo has had some scary potty accidents and about bedtime Harlee started to puke.  I had been praying for the virus to stay away from our house or as some of my lovely friends like to say, "rebuke the puke."  I now pray that the virus does not go any further than these two.
When any kid is sick, I make a pallet in the living room to sleep on.  First, this allows me to hear them easier from my bedroom.  Second, if they do not make it to the bathroom or the bowl, then I can easily pick-up the blankets and throw them in the wash.  I don't have to worry about them getting it all over stuffed animals or down between their beds and walls.  Miss Claus the Cat thinks this is quite a warm spot to sleep tonight.

Before our day went downhill, we found Gundy in the Christmas tree.  I think he might have started sitting on a branch but some how got mixed up and ended up upside down.  Thank goodness he never fell.  Join us over at The 4-Crow's to see what Charlie the Elf did on Day 7.

We read an interactive book with Hallie Jo's help and then we read Santa's Favorite Story.  I love how the author had Santa retell the story of the birth of Jesus to the woodland animals.

We finished up our day watching two more Christmas dvds.  I am really surprised but Jordan enjoyed the Rockettes as much as the girls and I did.  

I think I might have a long night ahead of me and more movie watching in my future since we will stay home tomorrow as well.


  1. Brynne says she hopes Harlee feels better soon.

  2. Oh no, sick is not good. Hope the girls are feeling better and that it goes no further. Gundy is hanging for dear life it appears, hope he isn't under the weather also!