Tuesday, December 13, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 10

Today was another busy day in our house.

We woke to find Gundy had built himself a cruiser out of Legos.  You need to go see who his buddy, Charlie is hanging out with today at The 4-Crow's.

Then off to Hannah's bowling league.  Today was her last day of 2011.  We will be back in January with two tournaments.  Woohoo!

After Hannah got done, we had to beat it back to our home town to meet Jordan and Jimmy at the scout pack meeting or Christmas Party.  Santa Claus came to visit at the end of our party.  This was the first time Hallie Jo had seen a live Santa that close and she was waving at him from down the hall and then screamed across the room telling him what she wanted.

She was not hesitant at all to sit on his lap.  Jordan and Harlee joined in on the fun and we did get one family picture with the jolly old guy.  All the scouts got their pinewood derby cars as gifts to be used in March and the siblings got coloring books and crayons.  Hallie Jo and Harlee opened theirs right away and put them to good use.

Later, we left Harlee, Hallie Jo and Jordan at a local church who offered childcare for the evening and took Hannah to serve with her friends at the local Baptist Children's home.  While we were kid-free, Jimmy and I joined other preschool volunteers from our church at dinner in the same Amish home I ate at last month with my mommy friends.

Again the food didn't disappoint and the company was great!
We finished the night by reading two books with the kids.


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  1. You have too much fun! I need to join you on some of the adventures- please kidnap me from the daycare- LOL! Gundy is having fun also I see!