Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 14

We worked on Christmas crafts today.  I found some cute reindeer and snowmen in the Dollar Spot at Target.  We have to finish them tomorrow then I will post pictures.

Tonight was our last Wednesday at church for 2011.  I am glad that Hannah was feeling so much better.  She hates to miss any opportunity to be at church!  Harlee and Hallie Jo like going too but Jordan is on a "I don't want to go" streak right now.  I made him go to the children's department and of course, he had a good time like always.
We read two cute books tonight.

And we did find Gundy pretty easily this morning.  He was fishing for a snack.

Are you wondering what other elves do while we are all sleeping?  Join me at The 4-Crow's so see what happens at their house.

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  1. We have that Pooh book! I need to pull it out! Gotta love the Goldfish!