Thursday, December 1, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 1

Last year, out of necessity, we started a new tradition in our family. I took our huge collection of Christmas books, divided them up to match the number of days until Christmas and then wrapped each stack of books. After wrapping them, I labeled with a corresponding number and activity for that day.

The kids really enjoyed that so we repeated it again this year. I had to make a few stacks bigger because the kids will be gone to my parents for a few days to enjoy making memories at grandma and grandpa's house.

Tonight was Package #1 and we read Peef, The Christmas Bear. After reading, I brought Peef out of hiding and Hallie Jo quickly took him in to love for the next month.

Our Christmas activity for the day was putting up the tree and putting on the ornaments. Harlee and Jordan helped me fluff all the branches. Then each of the kids got to put on their special new ornament of the year. Hannah picked a bowler, Jordan picked an army tank, Harlee picked a girl with a Nutcracker and Hallie Jo picked a girly ornament. They also worked together to finish putting up all of our other special ornaments on the tree.

A new tradition was started this year with the help of my aunt and uncle and Santa. We got one of Santa's elves in the mail today. It came with a storybook that told us that we had to place our elf on the shelf and pick a name. Once we picked a name, the elf would receive his magic. I suggested an OSU-themed name and now his name is Gundy.

Gundy is currently sitting on the t.v. cabinet watching and waiting. The story told the kids that Gundy will use his magic to fly back to Santa while they are sleeping and report to him whether they have been good or not so good. Then, he will be in a different place in the morning and the kids have to find him. Hallie Jo is already telling us where she thinks we will find Gundy. Thank goodness I have places like Pinterest to help me with ideas to make the elf experience fun for the kids.

If your family is having fun with the Elf on the Shelf, then join me over at The 4-Crow's link up each day and post your elf's adventures.


  1. Fun Cheri! We always do the book thing too but not with an activity. Great idea!

  2. I used to wrap up a Christmas book for each day and let the kids open it and then read it- when did I stop that? I need to get back on the ball! Gundy looks good with that remote, classic huh? Don't you love the Pinterest ideas? Now I need to go find you and follow you!