Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 3

Today, our elf, Gundy, was comfortable on the couch reading a book. Please join Gundy's buddy, Charlie, over at The 4-Crow's to see more elf fun.

Our day was busy and started with Hannah at bowling league. Then we spent the afternoon reading these books and watching this movie.

That evening, Jimmy and I went to a homeschool couples Christmas party. This party was beyond fun! It is amazing how much fun we can have without our kids around. *Disclaimer: Don't be fooled by the shirts we are wearing. It was an Ugly Christmas Sweater Party. We were going to wear OU but since it was Bedlam, we just could not do that so we decided this was the ugliest thing we could find to wear.*


  1. What in the WORLD am I doing????

  2. Ha Ha!!! Nebraska and Texas is pretty UGLY!! But, that's coming from a HOG fan! I love that your Gundy is reading, mine may be doing that real soon!!