Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 12

We are laying low today because Hannah is still feeling yucky and I was sick overnight.  Jimmy now says he is feeling under the weather.  The only one left to get sick is Jordan.  I pray it passes over him because he is my biggest baby.

If the virus does pick Jordan, I need it to be soon so he can recover before our big family event Saturday and then onto to my parents' house for a few days.
I guess Gundy was bored with all of us being sick so he entertained himself playing the Wii.

Gundy's buddy, Charley has been up to no good also.  Go see what he has been up to at The 4-Crow's.

We read these two books:

 And finally, since the "teacher" was sick, we did not have school work today.  Darn, the kids were so upset, NOT!  We did enjoy watching It's A Very, Merry Muppet's Christmas Movie instead.

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  1. Gundy is a Wii Player, have the kid's made his Mii yet? Sorry you are sick, hope you are feeling better!