Wednesday, December 14, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 11

Bad news woke us up this morning.  Hannah spent the night at a friend's house after volunteering and she got sick multiple times.  So the stomach virus thing did not pass her by and now we have infected her family.  Ugh!

Right before we left church, we found that Gundy was in the middle of a battle.  We assume the Lego Star Wars figures must be jealous of all the attention Gundy is receiving because it looks like they have declared war on the elf.

In the meantime, Charley the Elf is having a party.  Go see why he is celebrating over at The 4-Crow's.

While at church, Hallie Jo got to participate in a Happy Birthday, Jesus party in the preschool department.  They made jingle bell ornaments, listen to Mary tell her story about the night Jesus was born, listen to a puppet and sang fun songs.  Then they had birthday cake and other snacks.  Yum!

I slipped out of church a little early along with Harlee to take her to The Nutcracker.  We got to watch some of the dancers warm-up and even ask questions of one of the dancers.  This is the first time either of us have gone to the show and we both enjoyed our ourselves.  I pray we are blessed to make this an annual event.

Meanwhile, Jimmy was home with the other three.  Hannah hadn't been sick to her stomach since early morning so she was resting all she could.

Later that evening we had planned to take the kids to the Baptist Children's Home drive-thru Christmas pageant.  We started this tradition last year.  I felt horrible about leaving Hannah but she said since she volunteered the night before she would not be upset if we left her at home.  When we arrived, the greeters gave us a cd to listen to in our vehicle.  Some of the students living on the campus described each scene as we sat in our vehicle and viewed the "actors."  *Disclamier:  My pictures are not as good as usual do to reflection of windows.*

Star of Bethlehem

The stable where Jesus was born.

The Carpenter's Shop

Jesus calmed the storms & rescued Peter.

The Glorious Entering

Garden of Gethsemane


The Empty Tomb

 The Second Coming

We finished the night out by reading two more books.

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  1. Love the Happy Birthday Jesus party. We don't get enough of those do we? Gundy is too cute. You are so creative.