Wednesday, December 7, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 6

Tuesdays happen to be our busiest afternoon/evening so the kids and I try to stay home the rest of the day.  

Today we got our school work done quickly and got to watch

We also opened our Christmas books and read

We finally found Gundy having a sugar fest in our refrigerator.

His pal, Charlie, was busy learning more about the true meaning of Christmas.  Why don't you link up with me at The 4-Crow's.  We would love to see more of their elf buddies and what they are up to this month.

The rest of the afternoon and evening was busy with dance classes and scout meetings.

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  1. I love that movie!!! Uh oh, a sugar high! So far, Charley has stayed out of the sugar, but not for long I fear!