Saturday, December 3, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 2

We woke and found Gundy the Elf had landed on the dining room ceiling fan. Join me over at The 4-Crow's and let us know what your elf is up to.

Then we were off to our homeschool coop's annual Christmas Party.

During the afternoon we read two books about Christmas.

We finished off the day at Christview Christian Church's "Bethlehem Walk."


  1. Gundy is so cute hanging up there. Before I hang Charley, I will have to clean my fixtures for sure! Your pictures from the Bethlehem walk are beautiful! We have one here in Tulsa that we really need to go to! Thanks for linking up and sharing. Hope you join in again during December!

  2. Cheri- is Christview the one here in Tulsa off of Garnett/Mingo area? I thought it was called something else?