Monday, December 5, 2011

2011 Christmas Memories - Day 4

Gundy got comfy last night in Hallie Jo's dresser drawer. We think the cat might have joined him because clothes were pushed to the side and things from the top of the dresser were in the drawer. Hallie Jo was full of joy to find him there because she has insisted since the day Gundy arrived that we would find him in her dresser drawer. Make sure to check out Charlie the Elf at The 4-Crow's and see what he has been up to at their house.

Sundays are almost always our busiest day of the week and today was no exception. We have been lax lately and only attending the second service at church but today we had to go to both services. I like that better anyways because I know the kids get more out of their experiences and they always have fun.

It was a big craft day in the preschool department and it was my idea so I needed to be there to direct both sessions. Normally when I do this particular craft I do both hand prints and one foot print but to save time we had a stencil of a foot and just did hand prints. The angels turned out as cute as usual. (As soon as we get them back next week, I will take a picture of Hallie Jo's and post it here.)

Meanwhile, Jordan and Harlee were making their own ornaments in the children's department. They painted ceramic trees. I just love homemade ornaments!

After church we read The Polar Express and Silent Night. We followed that up by watching The Polar Express movie.

Hannah and I had to go back to church for a youth event. I am looking forward to some craft and cooking days this upcoming week.


  1. So cute! Love the books. Our elf was trapped in the cold fridge after playing with the cool whip?!

  2. The sock drawer? If only he would take care of those mismatched ones. LOL!