Thursday, December 2, 2010

Basketball, Sewing, Birthdays and Scouts

Lil Man started his new season of basketball in early November. He has the same coach as last year who also happens to be his baseball coach and this year's football coach. Most of the basketball team is made up of the same boys from the baseball team and they all work together. He also has one of his scout friends on the team with him. He was excited and anxious to get to practice and he looked confident doing the drills.

Legs has been wanting to learn to sew and even though I love to sew this is the one thing I know I do not have the patience to teach to beginners. I found an online class thru The Old Schoolhouse which is free. It is once a month and after the first class she now is trying to make cloth napkins for our table and possible some Christmas gifts.

November 11th is JB's birthday as well as his dad's. I made JB's favorite, roast, carrot and potatoes for dinner and Legs decided she wanted to try a recipe she found for dessert. The roast turned out perfectly and the dessert was a yummy fruit crisp.

The following day, JB and Lil Man left for their second scout campout this year. It was quite a bit cooler than last time so they had to pack extra blankets, long johns and a propane heater for inside the tent. Lil Man said it was so much fun.

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