Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Memories Day 18

Tonight we read these books:

Today was busy with Christmas and non-Christmas events. It started very early with JB taking Lil Man to his basketball game. They won 12-3. Once they got home, I got the kids loaded up and we ran some errands like picking up some gift cards for three different birthdays. We failed to make it to our great niece and great nephew's birthday party. I still had to get home and finish putting together chili and a dessert for the party later tonight.

Lil Red had a birthday party to go to while at the same time Lil Man had a Boy Scout pack meeting and I had an appointment. Lil Man and another wolf scout got to present the colors and I am so disappointed that I missed it. I am praying one of the other moms got some pictures for me. Lil Red is our little diva/princess but to our surprise she didn't want the cucumbers on her eyes or the avocado mask on her face during the party. She did let them paint their nails with sparkly nail polish.

Later that evening, the kids went to JB's sister's house and the two of us went to a church youth worker's party. I think I was the only spouse there that didn't work in the youth department. The men were supposed to bring chili and the women were to bring the desserts. JB will be the first to tell you that he doesn't really know how to cook but to our surprise, he won the chili contest. It was the first time we had had Elk Chili but it was really good. There was enough leftover I think we will be having Frito Chili Pie, Chili Cheese Dogs and 3-Way Chili this week coming up.

While we were at our party, the kids had a pizza and movie night with their aunt and uncle. They may make this a tradition in the years to come.

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