Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Memories Day 17

On December 17th, we read these books:

This morning we went to our last Friday coop event of 2010. Today was our Fun Class/Show-n-Share Day. One of the moms organized a bartering/trading event for the kids which tied into their studies in history. The children were instructed to make goodies or clean out their toys and price item from $1-$5. Since my kids were at my parent's house, we did not have time to make anything for the fun class and we had already cleaned out the toys to donate to other needy resources. We did participate in the Show-n-Share though. Lil Man showed off a creation that he made with K'Nex and Lil Red showed off her lapbook about Astronomy and the sun.

This afternoon was Lil Red's dance class where the parents could come in and observe in the class. They showed us their jazz and tap dance and the costumes for each. I am not sure of the name of the song for tap but it is in a 50s style and they will be wearing a pink and black halter-type costume and cat-eye glasses. They are dancing to "All The Single Ladies" for jazz and will be wearing an all gold costume and have big rings on their fingers. Lil Red loves her dance class but I did notice we need to work on her skipping skills.

That evening, Legs babysat and I took the three little ones to Woolaroc for their Wonderland of Lights. We drove through the animal reserve but it was too dark to see any animals. The main buildings and grounds were covered in thousands of lights. We enjoyed a tractor pulled-wagon ride, observation tower and snacks. I also took some pictures inside the lodge of some of the animal trophies like a giraffe, elephant, rhino, alligator, etc.

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