Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christmas Memories Day 22

Tonight we read these books:

JB took Lil Man with him to work and the girls stayed at home playing and doing laundry while I got the last few gifts for the kids from JB's dad and mailed my Christmas cards. When I got back, the girls and I made an assembly line and got six bags full of goodies ready to deliver to other families.

We filled the bags with breads, spiced tea mix, turkey noodle soup mix and snowman soup packets. We added labels with directions on how to make the soup and a cup of tea. Once all of the bags were ready to go, we picked up Lil Man and we were on our way.

My original plan was to sing carols at each house we were making a delivery but the kids did not like that idea. The first house we stopped at is some newer friends of ours who pastor a church in our little town. They just brought their two-year old home from the hospital where she was dealing with pneumonia. They had also just finished hosting family for an early Christmas.

The second bag went to some more good friends of ours that live close. JB and V have become good buddies and are always bouncing ideas off of each other. They have all teenager daughters and Lil Man has a crush on one of them. Lil Red has also made an attachment to this couple that just melts their hearts.

Bag number three was delivered to the kids' swimming instructors. They were in the middle of their family Christmas but Mrs. D was moved to tears that we would even think of them. She kept insisting that we come in and join the festivities but we had three more bags to deliver.

Our next stop was a family that goes to our church and is like another set of grandparents to the kids. Leona (or Ono as Chubbles likes to say) and Papa Rick spoil these kids with attention and she is always willing to help me out with the kids if I need to be somewhere during the day without them.

Stop number five was to our homeschool coop president's house. I had contacted her earlier in the day to make sure they would be home but would not tell her why, just that it was a good thing. She was excited because they really like surprises. While we dropped off their bag of goodies, I also presented them with a gift from the coop for a family membership to the OK Aquarium.

The last gift was to our best friends. I knew they were not at home but we left it on the front porch. We didn't get to see their reactions but I know they will enjoy the goodies. She texted me later and told me that I broke the no gift rule between us. I told her it was not a gift, just a "hey, we love you bunches" bag.

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