Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Christmas Memories Day 14

Today, Chubbles and I read these books.

Chubbles got to spend part of the day with one of her friends. Another mom had offered to watch the kids so I took her up on it and spent the time with my best friend, K. We did some shopping, eating and just plain ol' good girlfriend time together.

Our family was blessed this year to provide gifts from Santa by either re-gifting an older sibling's toy (Barbie house for Lil Red) or a donated toy from a friend (Nintendo Game Boy for Lil Man and Vanity for Chubbles). Legs wanted a new Bible and had previously picked one out at Mardels. Today, when Santa's elves went to get it, they were out but the elves spotted a horse-lovers Bible. I can't wait to see her reaction on Christmas morning at the unexpected gift.

Tonight, Chubbles and I added more ornaments to our tree. We couldn't find our ornament hooks so I got some more today and we finished adding our special ones. I was told that the other three kids decorated grandma and grandpa's tree today too.

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