Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Memories Day 16

All the kiddos are back home so tonight we read these books:

My mom took Legs shopping today and they found the cutest boots. She is very proud of them and has worn them everyday since.

Before the other kids got home, Chubbles and I went to the library for preschool storytime where she got to deliver her gift to Ms. S. Chubbles was so proud and insisted she carry the gift in all by herself. Ms. S was so surprised and said all the goodies would be enjoyed at her house.

Chubbles took a good nap so I took advantage and got some cleaning done before the noise started back at our house. It didn't take long once they got home, no more silence. While the kids were settling in at home, I took my mom and we went and did all of our Christmas dinner shopping.

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