Thursday, December 2, 2010

Mommy/Son Date

I want/plan on taking each of my kids on a mommy date in November, December and January. Lil Man got to be first because I saw a website that showed that there was a display of the OKC downtown buildings all built out of Legos. I knew he would be very excited to see this so it was very convenient that we happened to be about 20 minutes from the display while we were at my parents for Thanksgiving.

We were amazed at the structures and creations we saw. They were very realistic right down to the detail of trim, colors and other details. They had recreated a basketball game in the Ford Arena, had blue and pink "babies" in the nursery of the hospital, a film crew doing a news interview, moving boats and cranes, a parade, pay phones, etc. I was impressed with the OKC Bombing Memorial and Myriad Botanical Gardens. I am not sure if Lil Man was more impressed with all the buildings or that he could build to his heart content with all the loose Legos the event provided.

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