Monday, February 14, 2011

RHOK MckLinky Monday - Valentine's Day


It is MckLinky Monday over at RHOK. This week they are asking what we do for Valentine's Day. Our family does not do much because we focus more on Chubbles' birthday three days earlier.

This year I decorated the table with red placemats, confetti and a wooden "love" thingy I found at Hobby Lobby. Then I put a box of candy at each place. We are huge Nascar fans so I found a Jimmie Johnson one for JB, Dale Earnhardt Jr. for Legs and Jeff Gordon for Little Man. I found cute animal boxes for Chubbles (dog) and Little Red (elephant). I also fixed pink pancakes with sprinkles for breakfast.

Our homeschool Valentine Party got canceled earlier this month due to the snow so we are supposed to have our party this Friday. The kids and I will be working on signing their Valentines and decorating their boxes. I also found shirts that are either red or have something to do with Valentine's Day for the kids to wear to the party.

Saturday, JB and I went out to eat Saturday at P.F. Chang's with 18 of our friends from church. It was romantic but it sure was fun and yummy.

Come over to RHOK and add your Valentine traditions.


  1. Ahww -Cute! We're always juggling V-day and my son's Birthday (Feb. 16) too. Last year we didn't even make it out for date night -this year we went out this past weekend and planning his b-day party this coming up weekend! Happy Valentine's Day :)

  2. I miss the days when we made Valentine's boxes.
    I think your Valentine's date sounds perfect!

  3. Pink pancakes? Why didn't I think of that! YUM!

    Thanks for linking up with the RHOK!

  4. Love PF Changs! Sounds like you get a week long celebration

  5. How did I miss this post?! So cute!!!