Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Review: Download N Go - Chocolate Challenge

The kids and I just finished up a very yummy unit study. Who doesn't like chocolate? We are all big eaters of the sweet treat and this unit was just screaming at us to try it.

Chocolate Challenge is another great Download N Go unit from Amanda Bennett. I love that with each unit we have used, it is NOT the same as the others. Yes, we read books and do some similar activities but each unit has its own unique feature. This time we got to study about a different chocolatier each day and then had a chocolate tasting party to end the fun. This was even a unit my oldest, who is thirteen, wanted to participate in.

We started off the week looking at the history of chocolate, what country produces it and what kind of plant it comes from. We took the time to compare temperatures between countries and do some fun math with M&Ms.

On the second day, we studied more science and dove deeper into the production of chocolate. We also used our geography skills and studied the surrounding areas of where most chocolate is grown. We finished off this day using Hershey Kisses to practice math.

We found out more about four different kinds of chocolate on the third day. Yummy! The chocolatier for day 3 was one I had not thought of in that aspect. It may have to do with the fact that I hear his name mostly once a year around a holiday. The Hershey kisses were back as we practiced some subtracting today.

Day 4 was my favorite because we got to study about my favorite chocolatier, Ghirardelli. This guy has got the art of making wonderful chocolate down to an art. The kids were most excited that we were using bigger pieces of chocolate to study multiplication and fractions.

The last day continued our fun study of geography and chocolatiers and ended with a wonderful tasting party where we made graphs, weighed & measured chocolate, baked some yummy treats and finally sat down to watch Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory.

When you buy this unit, you will be able to instantly download and get started right away with all the yummy fun. Your students will have the opportunity to see videos, make graphs, study maps, play a game or two, use a time line and of course put all the information together into a lapbook.

Don't forget, Amanda Bennett includes links for more information, a suggested book list for each day of the week and even extra activities that you might fun to do with your family after completing the unit.

Please visit the Download N Go site to find out what others are saying about this unit. Download and Go is also have a great sale right now so don't forget to check that out.

*Disclaimer: I received this unit for free in exchanged for my honest opinion.

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