Wednesday, May 18, 2011

New Playground

Back in the fall I saw an advertisement from someone in our homeschooling community. They wanted to sell their play structure. I have been keeping my eye out for a good deal. My dad can buy all the parts and build it himself but I was trying to save money and work. This ad was perfect, my parents liked it and so off my men went to get it and haul it home.

The playground has a ladder and a climbing wall to get up to the fort with a portico on one side. It also has three swings. My dad got a slide, a rope ladder and a glider swing from his neighbor for free so we have installed the slide and will add more extensions later to accommodate. I also want to make the area under the fort a sandbox. My kids have not had the opportunity to experience a lot of playing in sand because all the local parks have a foam type covering under their playgrounds.

Originally the playground started out on the east side of the house but after getting the septic aeration system fixed, we found the sprinkler sprayed on the playground so we moved it to the northeast side of the house. It does not get as much shade but it is drier more often in the new location.

Legs was at church or babysitting one evening and the other three took advantage of the beautiful weather to play and I was able to catch some of their fun.

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