Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Laura Ingalls Wilder Celebration

I finally got to have time with Harlee. I took her to a local library who was celebrating Laura Ingalls Wilder. The party was originally supposed to be in February but our two huge snowstorms made it impossible so they rescheduled for April.

Harlee had found the prairie clothes Hannah had worn back in Kindergarten in the dress-up box so I insisted she wear them. She happily obliged and was giddy with excitement to hear lots of compliments on her outfit and her braids which look a lot like Laura's.

During the celebration, the librarian read two books and one was even interpreted in sign language. While the books were being read, the kids took turns shaking a jar of cream to make butter. Two ladies demonstrated how to prepare wool for spinning and then how they used their spinning wheels to make the wool usable for sewing.

Harlee also got to make a paper "quilt square", a button necklace and a yarn doll. All these things are reminiscence of items found the Little House books. We even got to try some gingerbread and lemonade.

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