Thursday, March 3, 2011

One For The History Books

The beginning of February came in with a huge snowstorm that rocked our area of the state. In fact, the next town to the east got the most with over twenty inches and it was reported that we got about 19. It was hard to measure because of all the drifts. We watched it fall for what seemed all day and it just kept coming down and down and down.

We did see some sun finally but we did not attempt to get out until the second day
but JB's dad had to come down our driveway with the tractor. JB then rode back to his dad's house where he cleared out his dad's driveway and road, followed up by clearing out his grandma's driveway and road and finally our driveway. Thank goodness for heated tractor cabs and headlights.

When the kids were not outside playing, they stayed warm with our pellet stove while playing the Wii and dressing up. It was predicted that we would get up to another nine inches just a week later so inbetween the storms, the kids and I headed to the Tulsa Zoo. They were having a special and we were able to get in free after noon. It was not too bad and we just stayed bundled up. We got to see some animals we do not normally see when it is warmer.

Before all the snow melted away, I had promised the kids I would make snow ice cream and as a surprise, I made brownies to go along with it. It was quite yummy and not a treat we can have just anytime we want.

The kids were getting cabin fever but the thing I was most worried about was that we were supposed to go to our local library on the 10th so that Chubbles could share cupcakes with her friends for her birthday and see Ms. Shelly for the last time. She has been the children's librarian for the last 5 years but she took a new position at another branch that was a promotion.

JB trekked down the snow covered driveway where his friend picked him up in a truck and then took JB to his dad's to get the tractor. Daddy saved the day and worked well into the evening clearing our driveway so we could get to the library the next morning.

Chubbles not only got to spend time with Ms. Shelly and her friends, Ms. Shelly had the honor of giving Chubbles her first library card. Chubbles was SO proud to write her name and check-out books "without helps."

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