Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Where are those clothes?

Look at the picture below carefully. We got all the kids' laundry caught up this weekend and while watching a movie, I finished folding it all. Ignore the clothes across the top, they either need to be hung up or they are waiting to be put in a storage box. I am focusing on the stacks of folded clothes.

I am actually concerned with the stack on the right, Lil Red's clothes. Did you notice that her stack is much shorter? No, she doesn't have less clothes than the other three and yes, she changes everyday just like the other three, so why does she not have as many when we get done?

I have a inkling of where they may be. We will be pulling out the two huge boxes of dress-up clothes later today in search of clothes. Lil Red loves playing dress-up and when she does, she just flings her regular clothes. When it is time to pick-up, she will scoop up ALL clothes and put them in the boxes. I bet I find some long lost clothes today.

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