Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Calendars Are a Necessity

I have been buy this evening getting a little more organized. I am an organizaholic! I always start out well but loose steam somewhere that I have not figured out yet. This was brought on today by not being ready to sit down and do our taxes. Never mind that we do not have all of our 1099s.

I just downloaded simple calendars from Donna Young.

I saved three to my desktop. One is for me to keep track of anyone in our family that goes to the doctor, dentist, or hospital. It is a chore to remember who went when and why and what was the treatment. It will be a diary of sorts.

The second one is for me to record when one of JB's clients pay him and how much. We were relying on our brain to remember if and when someone paid and a couple of times last year, we would ask a client and they would come back and tell us that they had paid us and the check had cleared the bank. Oops, that was embarrassing so I had to come up with a different but easy solution.

Another one is more for JB. I am saving it on my computer but then printing out each month as needed. Before I print it out, I am typing in all activities from the family calendar. Now he will have a visual in front of him at his office. Now, if only I could manually turn his head to actually look at it and remember what is going on.

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  1. I am going to have to check out the calendars. I need to get organized!