Saturday, July 31, 2010

May 2010

Legs started out May doing a service project with her Sunday School class. They got together and worked on cleaning out flower beds and washing screens for the local Baptist Children's Home and Retirement Village.

On the third and fourth of May, Legs took her first ever standardized tests. Classical Conversations offered the service and provided Stanford Tests for any homeschool students for a fee. I know exactly what Legs has studied and how she would do but I wanted to get her used to the idea of these types of tests so she would be prepared for later in life. Once I got the results back, what I knew and expected was exactly what the scores showed. She seemed very relaxed each day I picked her up which was my goal all along.

Our whole family took the day to spend with our best friends, the T family, at the Renaissance Fair in Muskogee. We had an overcast day until the end but not too hot or muggy. The kids really enjoyed themselves while on a quest for the king and queen.


I got the chance to be escorted by Lil Man to Chick-fil-a for a Mommy/Son date. The restaurant was decorated like the inside of a treehouse. They provided all the sons roses to give to their mommies and we had our picture taken together. Then all the sons had to escort their moms to their tables where we found personalized placards and suggested topics that we could discuss during our time at dinner. Instead of ordering at the counter, on this special night, we had personal waiters and waitresses who took our order and brought our food to the table. The highlight of the evening was when Lil Man got to take out the money daddy had given him at home and paid for dinner. What a little gentleman I have. I will always treasure moments like these.

The following night JB and Legs had their Father/Daughter date at our church. The girls were asked to wear semi-formal dresses and arrive an hour early so they could be pampered with hairdos and makeup. Legs passed on the makeup but she still looked like an angel. The dads were to arrive about twenty minutes early in coat and tie and wait in another part of the church for their dates. Once all was ready, each daughter was introduced and met at the double doors by their dads who presented them with white roses. Then they had their pictures taken together. Their evening included dinner, encouraging talk and a "dance" production to Steven Curtis Chapman's song "Cinderella" which brought tears to JB's eyes. I pray that this night holds special memories for both of them as they grow older.


One of our wonderful moms planned and organized a Field Day for our homeschool coop. It was originally supposed to be at a local park but lots of rain changed our plans and we moved it inside at a local church. We had the 50 yard dash, relay races, potato sacks races and the long jump. All the boys and girls received ribbons and some of them had coupons for free food to Chick-fil-a and Red Robin. Of course my competitive children were encouraging and screaming for their friends all morning.


Lil Red got to dance in Mayfest again this year. I may just be a little bias but she looked so cute up there on stage.


A big oops! Lil Man accidently got Lil Red in the face with a hand shovel or spade. So off to Urgent Care I went with Lil Red and 3 stitches later she just added to her list of stitches in her lower lip, stitches in the knee and a broken wrist.

I organized another field trip for both of our homeschool groups, Heritage Homeschool Coop and Tulsa Area Homeschoolers. We got to go see a Tulsa Drillers Baseball game. We had general admission tickets which meant we sat on the grassy hills behind left or right field. We chose to sit behind right field because it was right next to the wonderful playground inside the complex. It was perfect for my kids. We also got to enjoy typical baseball food like hot dogs and Dippin' Dots. It was unusually hot for May so my family only stayed for about two hours. Chubbles was getting cranky and the others were getting whiney which is a sure fire sign it is time to go.

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