Saturday, July 31, 2010

March Overview

Our March included two birthdays, a field trip, a play, two gymnastics meets,a cheer class, a tea party, and the start of the baseball season.

Our biggest event was Legs' birthday on the 2nd. She decided on dinner at Napoli's. J had gone out a few days before and bought her a cell phone and I had programmed the phone with contacts and numbers. I had also asked her friends and friends' parents to start calling about 7:15 on her new phone. We had already arrived at the restaurant and ordered our drinks when her wrapped gift starting making a noise. She had no idea what it could be but once she realized it was a phone, she could not get it opened fast enough.


On the first first Friday of the month, Legs and a few other friends put on a play for the rest of our homeschool coop. They performed Kirsten: An American Girl and Legs played the part of "Pa". The girls worked hard on their lines, helped create their costumes and gathered the props. Legs said it was fun to do with her friends but she didn't think a life in the theater was for her.

The following Monday I took Lil Red to the library for a Fancy Nancy Tea Party. This was a reservation only party and Lil Red took her doll and they wore matching outfits. The girls made butterflys, heard a story, shared snacks and drinks and got to walk the "runway".


Our family got to go back to our old stomping grounds, Stillwater, for a gymnastics meet. It was a rather small meet in comparison to others we have been in this year but the girls did really good and we are so proud of them. After the meet, many of the families chose to eat at the famous Eskimo Joes but we knew that would be a mad house and we have our own little favorite, Bad Brad's BBQ. It was the closest to the meet and it did not disappoint. The bbq is really good but J and I go for the cobbler. Yum!


During the second half of the month, I organized a field trip to Jasmine Moran Children's Museum in Seminole. Our family has been two other times in years past but we hadn't been since the museum had added the maze outside and expanded the building which enabled them to include more weather and health learning activities. We spent a lot of time in the mechanic's shop due to my Nascar-loving son.


I got to take Chubbles to Sesame Street Live for the first time this year. She was so excited and had a hard time sitting still waiting on it to start. Once the lights dimmed, she climbed into my lap to watch but she was jumping up and down and squealing very loud when Elmo came out on stage. She didn't stop moving or talking except during intermission. We were blessed to get to go with a friend and his grandma who got us all excellent seats. We were sitting on the first row off of the floor and some of Elmo's friends came right up next to us. Chubbles wasn't too sure about that and grabbed onto me tightly.


Later that same day, Lil Man got to play his first baseball game of the season.

On that Saturday, Lil Red got to try a cheer class thru the local YMCA. She really liked it and can't wait to go back.

We finished off the month with a Sectionals gymnastics meet in Claremore. All of our girls qualified for the state meet. It is hard to believe that the season is almost over. Only one more meet to go. That was also my birthday so we ended the evening at Cracker Barrel, one of my favorite restaurants. My dad took all the pictures at the meet which are excellent but I haven't gotten a copy of them yet. I am finishing off this post with a picture of Legs with her Lego creation and one of Chubbles starting a new adventure.

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