Saturday, July 31, 2010

April Memories

Even though it can be stressful, I love when April starts out with Easter. It is such a special holiday for our family that we stretch it out over two to three days. Of course, I had already planned for the big day and worked on coordinating our church outfits for the last month.

I extended the Easter story at home by sharing it bit by bit and used the Resurrection Eggs to help tell the story. The kids and I also made Resurrection Rolls to help us get a "sweet taste" of the story and what Jesus and God did for us on that special day many years ago.

I do not like to rush around after church on Easter or ask anyone else to do the same, so I host the annual Easter dinner on the day before. No one has to be as dressed up or feel rushed or overwhelmed as we would if we had it all after church on Sunday. JB and I like to spend time with just the kids and make sure we really are spending that day in rest.

My parents and JB's dad joined us for our dinner. After dinner, JB, Legs and I went outside to hide the eggs. This is the first year Legs didn't hunt, she only hid them but she did assist Chubbles when it came time to hunt the eggs. My rule is that once they are in 6th grade, they do not hunt the eggs and Santa does not leave you gifts. Of course, she got to be in on all the fun of planning and keeping secrets.


We got to enjoy some amazing April weather during our field trip to Woolaroc in Bartlesville. We started with Mountain Men demonstrations and followed that up with a tour of the museum. There were many artifacts in the museum but Lil Man was enthralled with the gun room. He had an explanation for every single one of them. Lil Red said her favorite was all the dolls.


A week later we joined our homeschool coop for another field trip. We got to tour Will Rogers Museum in Claremore. The kids and I learned a lot about Oklahoma history and Will Rogers himself. I think I enjoyed the many quotes that were posted all over the museum. The kids really enjoyed the interactive children's area.


During our school work this month, we made butter. Yum!


Chubbles got to start a gymnastics class this month also. I work one night a week and taking helped her break up the boredom of 4 hours at the gym with mom. She LOVES Miss Corrie.


We were busy the last weekend of April. We spent Friday night at the State Gymnastics meet in Oklahoma City. This is a tough meet and our girls did their best. We decided to drive on home late that night because the next morning, JB took Lil Man to the Tulsa Air and Space Musuem Rocket Show. I think everyone in this general area was there because they had to park over a mile away and got drenched on the way back to the car. Lil Man said it was worth it though to see those planes in the air.


Saturday evening Legs and her friend E, got to participate in Takeoff weekend with our church youth group. They went to Incredible Pizza and then back to the church for music and fun. They ended the evening in assigned host homes and joined their families again at church the next morning.

We also got a new furry member of the family. It is a Husky named Pretty Girl. Her previous owner is a friend of the family but they just could not keep her anymore. JB has always wanted a Husky and now he has one. This will be JB and Lil Man's dog but of course we will all love on her.

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