Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Mummies and Custard

Also on September 11th, we finally had a 12th birthday party for Legs. Her birthday was back in March but with sports schedules and other responsibilities, we had to put off the party until she was twelve and a half.

Legs has always been fascinated with mummies and all things Egyptian so when we heard that the Philbrook Museum had a traveling mummy exhibit, we knew we had to go. In the process of planning the party, we found out that this was the last weekend for the exhibit to be in Tulsa and that particular day was FREE for all. Boy was it crowded!

We started out with the girls going on a scavenger hunt on the grounds outside then came back in to look at all the artifacts. Unfortunately, the museum did not allow any pictures to be taken of the Egyptian exhibit since they did not own it. Before we left, each girl got a free art kit box, art supply and art card from the museum. Then each month that they go back they can take their box and receive another art card and art supply.

We went to Freckles Frozen Custard after to enjoy some yummy dessert and let Legs open her presents. She was so happy that so many of her friends could come and it was neat to see friends from gymnastics, church and homeschool to all come together to have fun.

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