Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Lego Club

Last year our family was a part of another homeschool coop and we attended the monthly Lego Club. This year it was time for us to cut back on driving and spend more time locally so I spoke to our coop president and asked her if she thought a Lego Club would work in our group.

I wanted to focus on our boys but of course girls are welcome too. I got a huge response and even though you can't tell by my pictures, we had over 40 people attend our first one.

We are going to continue to do this each month. We are blessed to have a local library let us use their meeting room for two hours. Each family was asked to donate one tub of Legos (the size being their choice) to start. I store and transport all the donated Legos in a bigger tub which we just dump out each month and then the kids are free to build whatever they want. We have had some kids work together to make bigger creations as well as some individual items.

I think as this progresses, we might to need have some "competitions" and other special building activities.

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