Saturday, May 29, 2010

Dinosaurs, Valentine's Parties, Octopus, Birthdays and A Meet

The first full week of February was not business as usual. We were more social this week and got to enjoy lots of fun and friends.

We made dinosaur pb&j sandwiches during our dinosaur study. Yum!

Our homeschool coop had a Valentine's Day Party at a local church. We played games, ate snacks & traded valentines.

These creations of a peacock and a turkey were brought by creative friends of ours.

During our octopus unit, we made hot dog octopus and an octopus craft.

We spent Thursday at the S's house for another Valentine's Day Party. There were three families there to share in all the fun.

Thursday, Chubbles turned two so of course we had to celebrate with our friends at storytime. We brought in mini cupcakes & they were so yummy. Miss Shelly had the whole group sing Happy Birthday to Chubbles.

We had a late dinner at McDonald's for Chubbles' birthday. Our tradition is that we take them out to eat on their birthday if we don't have a party on the same day.

She got lots of Elmo stuff for her birthday. She was so excited!

She was very upset that we had to put everything back in the box so we could go home.

That weekend we headed to Wichita, KS for the Land Of Oz meet. We got to fellowship with friends that used to live closer and go to our church. It was so nice to get to see the Casidas again.

The only time the kids are allowed to jump on the bed is in a hotel.

A hotel with an indoor pool is a must when it is yucky weather outside. Lil Red had gotten in trouble earlier in the evening so she wasn't allowed to get in the pool and had to sit and watch.

This meet was pretty good for our girls. I just wish they didn't have to split up our team. They miss competing with their teammates.

There is always lots of cuddle time at sissy's meets.

We finished off our weekend at Eskimo Joes to eat some yummy cheese fries.

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