Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Easter Weekend

Easter was a little different this year. I usually host a dinner and egg hunt at our house on Saturday so no one has to rush around on Sunday after church. That also leaves Sunday to focus on the real reason for Easter, our Lord and Savior. We still made our Resurrection Rolls and dyed our eggs.

This year instead of hosting, I decided we needed to join our "adopted family" in the town where I grew up. We became great friends with this family when I was young and one year for Christmas, they gave us "adoption papers". Mom and dad knew we were coming but I asked them to keep it a surprise. I loved the looks on their faces when we drove up. It was great catching up with them all. I feel like I can really be myself when I am around them.

We had planned on a huge egg hunt for all the kids but the constant downpours literally put a damper on our plans. We were all gathered inside a metal building that is affectionately called the "party barn." The barn has a batting cage and kitchenette. We decided to throw the eggs into the batting cage, let age three and under out for the first one to two minutes then the rest of the kids joined them for a great egg gathering. The kids got eggs filled with candy, small toys and coins. The adults got great memories with kids.

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