Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Oil Well Drilling

JB had hernia surgery on March 16th. He has been suffering with an umbilical hernia for almost a year but we did not have health insurance. We praise the Lord it was not more serious and require an emergency visit. Once the doctor started to repair the hernia, he found two more hernias that needed to be repaired. When JB does something, he goes over and beyond.

The day after the surgery, JB's dad was having an oil well drilled so JB wanted to take the kids to see that. He always enjoyed watching it as a kid so he thought the kids would too. I did not object, it was a field trip for school.

It was so noisy and pretty warm. When we got there, we parked a good distance away and left Chubbles in the car seat since she fell asleep on the way. It was interesting to see what came out of the ground as it was drilled. Lil Man got to help turn some dials with the workers and they all got to see some samples under a black light to check for oil.

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