Friday, September 24, 2010

Military Birthday Campout

We went all out this year for Lil Man's eighth birthday. He invited his whole football team as well as friends from church and friends from our homeschool group. In total we had 15 seven and eight year olds at our house. J had also asked some of his youth Sunday School boys to come help out so we had 4 seventh grade boys to add to the craziness.

The hardest part to planning this party was picking a date. Lil Man's birthday falls after the football season starts and close to Labor Day. I do not want to do a party on the night before a game or the night before church so our only option was Sunday night of Labor Day weekend. None of the boys had school, church or game that Monday morning.

The boys were asked to come dressed in camo and to bring a dart gun. We played football, dart guns and a couple of different versions of tag. We also had a tank pinata, camo decorated cupcakes and present time. We grilled hot dogs and had plans to make smores but that got changed. The night ended with all the boys and J sleeping outside in tents.

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