Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aquarium, PAC, Baseball,, Haircuts & Baby Dedication

This week of pictures are all from Feb. 22-28.

On Tuesday, we went to IHOP for the once-a-year special where everyone can get a short stack of pancakes for FREE. All they ask is that you donate to their charity, Children's Miracle Network which I happily do. That breakfast was very yummy and the kids like this tradition.

Lil Man looks like he is wearing a crown in this pic but it is just the reflection of the glass.

After our yummy breakfast, we went to the OK Aquarium Home School Day. They offer these about 3-4 times per year and we try to attend at least once. These days are great for our pocketbook since we don't invest in a membership. Once a year is good to visit the aquarium for my kids.

We had just finished up our octopus unit a week or two before our visit so this picture of the octopus was amazing. Usually it is hiding and we can never see the underside of the creature.

On Tuesday, Legs and I joined other members of Heritage Coop on a tour of the Tulsa Performing Arts Center (PAC). We have been to many shows as part of the Imagination Series but we had never been behind the scenes. Our tour guide was one of two managers that could literally run himself crazy getting where he needs to be during a show. We saw very interesting inner workings of the theater.

Thursday brought the first baseball practice of the year. It was cold but those boys were ready to get out there and get to work.

Much needed haircuts were in store on Saturday. Legs donated her hair to Beautiful Lengths for the second time. Lil Man looks so different with his hair shorter but it will be cooler for baseball and my mom was really bothered by the longer hair.

This week also brought some very nice weather so that Chubbles could get outside and enjoy her birthday present from Papa for the first time since her party a few weeks ago. She loves her slide!

Baby Dedication was Sunday. Our church only does this ceremony once a year, the first Sunday after the new year. Last year we had to miss it because I read the date wrong on the letter and did not get our stuff into the office in time. This year I worked hard to coordinate all of us but unfortunately Legs woke up with a bad tummy so she had to stay home from church. She was bummed not to share in Chubbles' special day but not too heart broken over missing out on wearing a dress.

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